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Ethical and professional principles of my work

In my work, I abide by the principles of confidentiality, quality and accountability, mutual consideration and respect of the therapeutic process. 

If you are thinking about starting therapy with me, you may find it useful to find out more about each of these.


Your confidentiality is very important to me, because it is the basis of trust in therapy. To safeguard your privacy, I commit to the following:

→  I discuss my work with clients only with my supervisor and my colleagues in supervision

→  I never – not even in supervision – share personal details which would make a client recognizable to others (e.g., your name, where you work...)

→  I keep client notes in a safe place that is inaccessible to others.

→  I keep to these rules in all contacts with clients, from first contact (regardless of whether you choose to start therapy with me), and after terminating therapy.

Accountability and quality

I maintain the quality of my work through regular supervision. Supervision is a consultation with another therapist regarding my therapy work. It is a cornerstone of continuous professional education of every psychotherapist, because it provides a space for reviewing and reflecting on professional dilemmas in a safe and confidential environment. 

So, supervision is my professional obligation that helps me provide high-quality and responsible psychotherapy. I usually take part in individual supervision, and sometimes I attend small supervision groups with felow psychotherapists.

Everyone involved in supervision is a professional who is obligated to keep confidentiality and respect towards all clients whose therapy is being supervised.

Mutual consideration of time

Mutual consideration of the client’s and therapist’s time means respecting the agreed appointments as well as starting and finishing sessions on time. This guarantees the quality and privacy of work with every client.

It is possible that one of us will have to cancel an appointment. If that happens more than 24 hours before the session, we will simply reschedule. However, if you cancel the session less than 24 hours before, you will be charged for the missed session, unless we agree differently.

Likewise, if I cancel our appointment less than 24 hours before, your next session will be free of charge.

Respecting the therapy process

You always have a right to take a break from therapy, to change the therapist or to leave psychotherapy.

In those cases, it is important that you let me know beforehand that the following session will be the last one. The last session is important as it lets us close the process of therapy and possibly clarify plans for future therapy (e.g., terminating therapy, taking a break in therapy, referral to another professional).

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