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Dea Ajduković

dr. sc. Dea Ajduković

psychologist – psychotherapist – supervisor

Ja sam Dea Ajduković, psihologinja, psihoterapeutkinja i supervizorica psihosocijalnog rada. Za psihoterapijski rad sam postala zainteresirana tijekom studija psihologije na Filozofskom fakultetu u Zagrebu, kad sam i sama kao klijentica u psihoterapiji doživjela koliko ona može pomoći da živim zadovoljnije i ugodnije sa samom sobom i drugima.

In my work, I abide by principles that I find important and useful regardless of the specific type of difficulties that are dealt with in therapy.

After I graduated, I stared a four-year program in gestalt therapy. I chose this therapy approach because I appreciated its emphasis on working with clients in an egalitarian, open, creative and optimistic way, and its focus on continuous personal growth of the therapist.

Later I also started a two-year post-gradute diploma course in psychosocial supervision, which has helped me gain a deeper understanding of working with people.

Znanja o terapiji parova stječem kroz edukaciju iz suvremenih metoda rada s parovima (Gottman, EFCT), koje su čvrsto teorijski utemeljene i čija je iznimna učinkovitost znanstveno dokazana.

I worked in a hospital as a clinical/health psychologist for almost ten years. During this time, I also earned my doctorate in psychology. I transitioned to full-time private practice in 2016. 

As a psychotherapist, I collaborate with community organisations that provide their clients with free psychological services. In the association Everything for Her, I provide psychological counseling to women living with cancer and their family members, and in the Modus counselling center of the Society for psychological assistance, I work with young people and adults in adverse life circumstances.

Način rada

My work is based in gestalt psychotherapy, combined with the knowledge and skills I earned through my training in psychology. I continue to expand and deepen my work by following cutting-edge scientific and professional literature in psychology and various modalities of psychotherapy.

U radu se vodim načelima koja smatram važnima
regardless of the specific type of difficulties that are dealt with in therapy.

Everyone has the potential for psychological health and meaningful life

We all have an innate capacity for self-care, establishing deep and commited relationships, creative adjustment to our environment and leading a fulfilled and meaningful life.

If the circumstances in our environment do not support our potentials, we try to adjust by creating certain patterns of perceiving, feeling, thinking and behaving. With time, these patterns may become rigid and we may respond automatically, even when life circumstances change. This creates life difficulties. In therapy, I support clients in recognizing current patterns of living and in finding new – more flexible, relaxed, authentic – ways of being.

Change happens through awareness

In encouraging clients to find new ways of perceiving, thinking and behaving, I use different methods and techniques. 

My main “tool” is usually the therapy dialogue, but I often use various other experiential methods, such as paying attention to the body, role-playing, drawing or creative experiments. Using this approach, I encourage clients to use all their potentials and I direct them toward more immediate working through experiences and associated emotions.

The therapist and the client are equal partners in psychotherapy

I fully trust and respect clients as experts for their experience: they know best what they need and when. 

Therefore, my job is not to push clients into changes, to insist on topics, or to give out advice on what the client should do. My fundamental task is to create a supportive environment that enables the client to understand, accept and change their way of being in psychotherapy and in life.

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